Free motivational interviewing workshop on offer for poultry sector

Hens perching on a wooden slat

THE Laying Hen Welfare Forum (LHWF) is to deliver a free taster workshop for poultry vets and poultry sector professionals in motivational interviewing (MI) techniques. 

The event will also cover on-farm interventions to reduce feather pecking, with poultry veterinarian Stephen Lister giving a talk on the health downsides of poor feathering and feather pecking. 

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The interactive workshop will take place at the NFU’s Stoneleigh Park office on Thursday, 20 April, from 9.30 am–3.30 pm, with refreshments and lunch provided.

Paula Baker, of the LHWT, said: “One of the best predictors for how well clients will do after behavioural interventions is which advisor they have. 

“How you communicate is just as important as what you communicate,” she added. 

Positive working relationships

“Empirical evidence suggests that communication approaches that emphasise client choice, promote client self-efficacy and facilitate a positive working relationship are more likely to stimulate lasting motivation for behaviour change in our clients. 

“Motivational Interviewing can offer ways to meet client needs through your communication approach.”

The six-hour workshop will involve the following:

  1. A participatory discussion: what management topics and client experiences could tailored communication support best address? 
  2. Training sessions covering motivational interviewing and facilitation skills.

Ms Baker added: “If you want to learn a new skill or just brush up on your communication skills, then this workshop is for you!”

For more information, or to register, email Ms Baker on paula.baker@lhwf.co.uk